If elected to Aspinwall Council, I will work to make a Safer and more Transparent community. My Plan is Simple:

Transparency Initiative

The best way to create an amazing community is to keep citizens informed about community plans and initiatives.

I plan to communicate with the community by implementing a regularly updated news outlet to provide the community with Council Votes, Council Information, and Council Plans.

This news outlet will be available online and at local businesses for ease of availability.


Planning is key to protecting our community and allowing it to prosper. We have discovered over the last year the barriers created by a pandemic as well as the hardships community members and small business owners have undergone.

If elected, I will work with the community and council to identify shortcomings seen throughout this pandemic and to create measures and protocols to remedy these shortcomings.


My number one concern is safety on Freeport Road and safety in our Community.

I will work with council and this community to implement safety initiatives for Pedestrians and Bicyclists on Aspinwall’s major thoroughfare, Freeport Road.

This would include recommendations provided in already existing Safety Studies and new studies focused on Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety.

“Be the Change that you Wish to See in the World”

Mahatma Gandhi

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