Mail-In Voters – Don’t Forget Your Annual Renewal!

This past year, I voted by mail for the first time. In spite of fear mongering exclamations that had been circulating, i.e., that the Post Office would lose my ballot or, worse, dump my ballot in a river, I applied for it, received it, filled it out, returned it, and my vote was registered as received and counted online sometime later. It was a pretty boring process, like it should be.

This is the renewal that I received in the mail.

About a week ago, I received a letter in the mail from the Allegheny County Elections Division requesting that I renew my desires to receive a mail-in ballot. Turns out, you have to make an annual request to receive a mail-in ballot. It was not particularly difficult to renew, I did it online at votesPA.COM/ApplyMailBallot but I could have completed an enclosed registration. The return envelope which was included, did not require postage.

I was a little surprised that I had to renew this status annually but in my experience, mail-in voting was much easier than standing in line at the polls, especially during a pandemic. Whichever way you intend to vote, I hope you have a safe experience thanks to the people who work to make this process safe and as easy as possible. Reach out to the Allegheny County Elections Office if you have any questions – > 412-350-4500 or through this link.

Blog By: Mary Hancock

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