Honored to Be Endorsed by the Women for The Future PGH

Last week, I received the endorsement of the Women for The Future Pittsburgh. I can’t say that I am the type to reach out for a bunch endorsements, and this rings true as this is the only one that I applied for, but this endorsement really mattered to me and my small race for Aspinwall Borough Council.

If you do not know, Women for The Future Pittsburgh is a group that recognizes the barriers and obstacles that women must overcome to get a seat at the table and have their voice heard in government, the workplace, at home, and beyond. When I applied for this endorsement, I wrote about trying to help women businesses get off the ground especially when money was tight. I also wrote about how I have acted as an advocate cheering on other women running for office or taking big steps in the workplace and in life. The last thing I wrote was that with this endorsement I will do everything I can to act as an advocate, friend, counselor, role model, and voice for women.

I want to thank everyone at Women for the Future Pittsburgh, this is such an honor. Thank you. And thank you to all the other women out there and especially those women who also received this endorsement who do the same thing.

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