Aspinwall Borough Council Moves forward with Glass Recycling Plan and Approves Conditional Use at 101 Brilliant Avenue

4-14-2021 – Aspinwall Borough Meeting Recap

Council Approves Shared Dumpster Agreement with O’Hara Township and Blawnox Borough

With regard to recycling glass in Aspinwall, Aspinwall Council did move forward with plans to recycle glass utilizing O’Hara’s proposed dumpster and concrete pad.  The initial investment for Aspinwall will be $3,500 and the site will include cameras.  Borough Manager Melissa Lang O’Malley indicated that the new hauler, Shank Waste Service, does not recycle glass but instead crushes it and uses it as a cover for the landfill.  While there had been previous dispute as to the method of sharing costs between the municipalities, Aspinwall Council seemed more amendable to the agreement after being informed of additional information.  Councilmember Jeff Harris indicated that the O’Hara Dumpster will only be 1.1 miles away from Aspinwall and Councilmember Heth Turnquist noted that Aspinwall did not have a spot to place such a dumpster.

Borough Manager Lang O’Malley stated, in regards to the contract, that Aspinwall was permitted to back out of the deal after 6 months.  She further informed the Council that other boroughs wanted to be involved in this joint effort but could not participate and she believed the dumpster would only be dumped about 6 times a year.  On this information, a motion was made to accept the agreement with O’Hara Township although members of Council continued to find the division of costs somewhat objectionable.

Conditional Use Hearing as to Property at 101 Brilliant Avenue

The Borough Council reviewed and listened to testimony pertaining to the Conditional Use Application of 101 Brilliant Avenue LLC which pertained to property at 101 Brilliant Avenue.  This property is located in Aspinwall Borough’s AC-1 Community Business District and the application sought to conditionally use the property as a “Business and Professional Office.”

Cloudy Photo of 101 Brilliant Avenue Today.

James Mitnick testified on the company’s behalf.  According to Mr. Mitnick, he owns property at the corner of First Street and Brilliant Avenue in Aspinwall, PA.  He previously renovated this property after purchasing it from PNC Bank.  To date, the first floor has acted as a retail space and the second floor has acted as office space for his business.  It has come to his attention that he should have requested a conditional use hearing and made an application with regard to the second floor “a long time ago.”  The second floor is currently 7500 square feet.

According to Mr. Mitnick, he has sought and obtained structural analysis as well as architectural drawings which would add an addition to this building and create a third floor.  The addition of the third floor would add 3,000 square feet to the property.  According to Borough Solicitor Steve Korbel, Mr. Mitnick would need to purchase 1 parking space for every additional 300 square feet.  In this case, that would be ten additional spaces according to Solicitor Korbel.  Mr. Mitnick agreed to purchase the parking spots from the Borough and the Borough indicated that it had those same spots available.  The Motion for Conditional Use was approved.

In Other News:

Councilmember Marcia Cooper intends to move forward in the process of creating an ordinance to apply local income tax credits to “public service volunteers,” such as firemen and women, ems, and paramedics. 

Councilmember David Brown made a motion which was approved to ban Coal Tar in Aspinwall from driveways and horizontal surfaces.  Councilmember Brown additionally moved forward to set in motion the process of creating a declaration in Aspinwall regarding borough trees and the canopy existing in the borough. 

Councilmember David Borland continued to request Borough residents complete the Comprehensive Plan Survey.  To date, Councilmember Borland had received 292 responses.  He hopes to receive upwards of 750 to 1000 responses by April 30, 2021, the date the survey will close.

It is likely the yard sale will return to Aspinwall this spring announced Borough Manager Lang O’Malley.  Other events such as “Movies in the Park” and “Dinner with a Cop” will also likely take place in the upcoming summer months according to Mayor Joe Noro.

Ken Aquiline of State Representative Sara Innamorato’s Office announced that she would be tabling at the Aspinwall Borough Flea Market which is sponsored by the Aspinwall Volunteer Fire Department on Sundays from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM next month. 

Please note a correction to the Article dated 4/14/2021 and titled “Federal Covid-19 Relief Money Comes to Aspinwall in the Amount of $266,251 and Brick Laying Ahead:  4-7-2021 – Agenda Meeting.”  A sentence in that article should read: Borough Manager Lang had some additional good news, the Borough had been awarded and would receive “half the” $266,251.00 in American Relief Dollars within the next 60 days.

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